The Journey of Mobius and Sidh
An Interactive Journey of Self Discovery
Personalize Mobius
PersonalizePersonalize Mobius for Your Child

    It's easy to overlook our own particular gifts and talents, especially when we're young. Although we may be told (or maybe not) by friends and family that we have much to offer it is in our nature to dismiss such praises and remember only criticisms.

    Anecdotal experience and psychological research has shown putting things down on paper can make all the difference.
    Students from a class blessed with a caring teacher were found to be carrying such lists about their good qualities, provided by classmates, forty years later!

    On the page below-right I suggest to whomever is reading this book with a child, tell and write a list of that child's qualities here so they can read it and re-read it whenever they wish.

    Identification of good traits can work both ways, let the child tell you what yours are and write them down as well.