When not working with the strip you might hang it as a mobile in the child's room as a provocative alternate point of view and a reminder of their own personal talents and gifts.
Thank you for your interest.

I am often asked what age group this book is for. I hope it can be enjoyed on many levels, at many ages---the earlier the better---with new meaning found as the reader matures.
It is my hope that this book will inspire many reading sessions and discussions between parent and child starting early on. This is when the real wisdom and value the book might contain will surface. Often, the child will provide insights as well as the adult.

I have purposely avoided the use of magic, mysticism, fantasy, and miracles. Though my children and I enjoyed many such books I prefer to offer a do-able, self-applied, tangible reality. This book is about discovering our own particular gifts and talents. In the back pages is a place to create a list of these virtues. The characters are purposely non-ethnic and multi-colored.

ISBN 0-9175709-0-6 $19.95 US
The Journey of Mobius and Sidh is an endless journey we all take, one way or another, whether we know it or not. Mobius employs a little philosophy, a little physics, a touch of poetry, and I hope an enjoyable adventure. I do not believe it is too much for young minds.

Included with the book is a Mobius Strip, created by scientist Augustus Mobius, printed with the story highlights. The strip is laminated for repeated use with a wipe-off marker, also included.

I suggest reading the story first and then, together with child, reviewing the story by drawing along the Mobius Strip with the marker. As you proceed along the path, without ever removing the marker from the strip, you will arrive back where you started. Amazingly your marked path will be drawn on both sides of what appears to be a two-sided loop thus revealing that is has only one side! This is most easily accomplished by placing the strip over the corner of a table.
The peculiar properties of the "Mobius Strip" seem an unusually appropriate metaphor for our lifelong search.
The Journey of Mobius and Sidh
An Interactive Journey of Self Discovery
"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know it for the first time."

                                     - TS Eliot, Little Gidding